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History of our Club

In 1989 keen show-goer & Siouxline Basset owner Sue Ergis established that there was a need for a Basset club to organise dog shows in her part of England. The nearest "local" clubs were based in the South East & South West and both were branches of the Basset Hound Club. Although these clubs held fun days, garden parties and organised walks, they were unable to hold Open Shows on their own without the authority of the Basset Hound Club.

Sue set out to remedy this by contacting the Kennel Club and all the Basset Hound owners she knew in the South of England.

In 1990 the South of England Basset Hound Club (registered with the Kennel Club) was born and Sue Ergis became its first Chairperson. Sue persuaded Jeanne Rowett-Johns (Wingjays Bassets) to become President who was joined by Sandra Thexton (Barrenger Bassets) as Secretary, John Carter (owner of Castlebrook) as Treasurer and a Committee of twelve other members.

Since then, the club has steadily grown and has established two annual and successful Open Shows along with other popular activities to suit Basset Hound owners in the area.

In 2008 our first website was launched to great acclaim and as you can see, we have now updated the format making it easier to manage and, hopefully, easier for you to find the information we have provided.

The Club's membership is open to all who love the breed and wish to take part in the Club activities.

Kennel Club Registered

The SOEBHC is registered with the Kennel Club, ensuring that we adhere to their guidelines in dealing with dogs and people alike.

All shows are conducted in adherence with Kennel Club rules and we endorse the good canine care practices promoted by the Kennel Club.



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The President

and Treasurer

Mr Patrick Walden



Meet The Committee

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Mrs Valerie Walden


Mrs Kim Culyer-Dawson

Mrs Sue Ergis


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Vice-Chair & Cup Steward
Mrs Carol Allchorne
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Safety Officer & Show Manager
Mr Mark Walden
Mrs Belinda Price
Miss Jennifer Walden


Ms Penny Spanswick


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Health Officer

Miss Lauren Armstrong


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tim himself.JPG

Mr Tim Jennings


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Mrs Su Jones


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Mr Stephen Gray

Mrs Karen Bates

Mrs Helen Gray

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