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The South of England Basset Hound Club held an open show at Chieveley Village Hall where BIS was Ch Woferlow Kanye West, RBIS Nelgus Thyme Bomb, BOS Diheath Marcia, BP Beckshounds Bewitched and BV Feorlig Bolt From The Blue.


It was a great pleasure to judge this show. My thanks go to Miss Lauren Armstrong who acted as my steward for the breed classes and Mr Keith Gater who did likewise for the fun classes in the afternoon where a lovely garden party atmosphere prevailed despite the rather hot conditions. Exaggeration is the watchword of the moment and I am pleased to say I did not find any major causes for concern. All dogs had clean eyes & the vast majority of hounds had a sensible amount of ground clearance. My congratulations to you as breeders – please keep up the good work. We must all be very careful not to breed for exaggerated features as this will only play into the hands of those who aim to interfere in our hobby. There is no need to breed exaggerated animals in any event, as a truly beautiful Basset Hound is always one where the sum of its parts is well balanced and none of its various points overshadows the rest.


JD (2) 1 Jones’ Qubo Avaleur du Sabre met Clanwillow, 9 months r/w dog with correct head proportions, excellent expression from good clean eye, well boned, stood true in front, perhaps a shade lower to ground than ideal but has an excellent apple bottom. Slightly sluggish in the heat today but eventually showed what he can be capable of;

2 McDowell’s Malrich Red Grant, 10 months r/w dog of slightly lighter frame than 1, unexaggerated body proportions, a shade unsettled on the move today. Slightly too much bow to the front legs and not so firm in topline as winner. Carried his stern well.

LD (2) 1 Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb, masculine houndy blanket tri, excellent body length, sensible ground clearance, super bone, typical head and expression, good underline, moved with some purpose holding his stern correctly, good strong hindquarters. RBD and RBIS;

2 Gwyer’s Kortebin Dwarf King, another masculine tri dog of generally pleasing outline, typical head though preferred dentition of 1, overall good proportions, correct topline.

OD (2) 1 Beale’s Ch Woferlow Kanye West, very soundly made blanket tri, balanced body proportions, excellent head type, correct topline, outstanding forehand, maintained his shape on the move, strongly well muscled hindquarters, stepped out in true Basset Hound fashion, sound and full of quality. BIS;

2 Davies and Hunt’s Valandee Dark Dandy, 11 years tri, still with super dentition, good shapely well balanced body, strongly made typical hindquarters, sad expression, feet not as tight as no doubt once they were, a tad sluggish on the move and who can blame him on such a warm summer’s day. Overall type very pleasing.


MPB (1) Beckett’s Beckshounds Bewitched, feminine 8 months tri, made a very attractive overall picture, good sound forehand, typical feet, her head and expression appealed, moved with some purpose, carrying her tail a shade high but that’s just puppy exuberance, good apple bottom, alone but well worthy of her BP award.

JB (2, 1a) 1 Danel’s Wellsbayview Annie Power at Bazbourne, houndy 12 months r/w with good bone and substance, excellent ribcage and body length, attractive head type, a shade narrow in front and turns one foot a tad too much which was reflected in her front movement but in profile stepped out well with a good stride.

PGB (4, 3) 1 Beckett’s Sedonia’s Bumblebee at Beckshounds, this tri is very typically Basset, good head, excellent feet, super body proportions, good apple bottom, stepped out smartly with good head and tail carriage, just a shade loose coming towards me. Overall type very pleasing. RBB;

2 Steers’ Rosezest Sansa Stark, heavier type of tri, good body length, houndy expression, moved out well, slightly narrow through the front and feet a shade flat. Outgoing temperament;

3 Turner’s Devonhound Daisy Moon, smaller neatly made r/w without quite the substance of 1 or 2, but appealed in head type and body proportions, could have used her stern a shade more on the move. Topline OK.

LB (2) 1 Danel’s Blackvein Hasty at Bazbourne, houndy tri of great substance, super forehand, good bone, deep chest, apple bottom, hind movement a shade close. Typical head & tail carriage;

2 Allchorne’s Nelgus Cinnamon Spice, neater type of tri, good sound front, compact body, just preferred expression of 1. Moved smartly but slightly short in upper arm so did not have the front extension of 1. Carried stern well.

OB (2, 1) 1 Allchorne’s Diheath Marcia, what a super happy temperament this r/w has, correct head proportions, deep chest, well ribbed back, beefy hindquarters, moved out well making an appealing overall picture. BB.

Beginners Dog and Beginners Bitch

BD (1) 1 M Red Grant. 

BB (3) 1 Bolton’s Diheath Posh Pawn, houndy tri of correct substance carrying the right amount of weight, good bone and feet, slightly frowning expression;

2 Lee’s Suesy Starlight, tri, slightly more Artesien in type with plenty of ground clearance, loved her chilled temperament and deportment, eyes could be a shade darker, turns one foot a little too much;

3 Gambling’s Dizandra Busy Lizzie, 15 months r/w, good body length and balance, super well padded feet, a shade blocky in head type, not too keen on being in the ring today and could have moved with more                                                                 

enthusiasm.                                                                                                                                                                                              V (4, 1) 1 Grimshaw’s Feorling Bolt From The Blue, such a handsome houndy 9-year-old o/w, makes an excellent overall impression, excellent forehand, good body proportions, stepped out with style. Could perhaps have a shade beefier hindquarters but they are correctly angulated. Super type.BV;

2 V Dark Dandy;

3 Bolton’s Sherbert Twist Undercover, houndy 8-year-old with plenty of substance, deep chest, stepped out well. Not quite the overall type or dentition of 1 or 2.



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