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Summer 2017 Fun Day

Our Judge was the club's own Chairperson, Mrs Valerie Davies

Winners and other placings as follows:-

Parade of Puppies

1st Lewis with Thunder

2nd Lottie with Rumble

3rd Joshua with Gus

Parade of Veterans

1st Mr Lee with Charlie

2nd Mr Woolridge with Basil

3rd Mrs Cooper with Buddy

4th Sandy with Harry

5th Kristen with Tank

Parade of Re-Homed

Basset Hounds

1st Andria with Tilly

2nd Keith with Basil

3rd Sally Cooper with Daisy

4th Sandy with Harry

Best 6 Legs

1st Keith with Buddy

2nd Ian with Rumble and Thunder

3rd Jack with Bella

4th Lewis with Cindy

5th Sally with Peach

6th Bee with Sidney

Waggiest Tail

1st Jack with Harry

2nd Keith with Basil

3rd Lottie with Rumble

4th Lewis with Thunder

5th Kristen with Tank

Fancy Dress

1st Andria with Tilly

2nd Bee with Sidney

3rd Kristen with Rosie

4th Tina with Tank

5th Keith with Basil

A big 'Thank You!' to everybody who came along and joined in with the classes. The day went well despite the rain and hopefully you and your hounds had a good day. We hope to see you again next year.

Thanks has to go to our judge, Val who did a grand job.

Also, our club's committee who work tirelessly to ensure we are fed, raffled up and safe!

The Dog the Judge would most like to take home

1st Buddy

Our special raffle of a cake in the shape of a Basset Hound Head.

Lucky winners

Lewis and Lottie

If that isn't a face full of mischief then I don' t know what is, Mrs Watkins!



Everybody gets a prize for their dog

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