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SOUTH OF ENGLAND BASSET HOUND CLUB.                26/2/2017




I had a trip down memory lane today at the 50th show of the SOEBHC. Although I have awarded CCs in this breed for 30 years, it was an honour to be invited to judge at the Club's anniversary Open show.  This is a Club I founded in 1989 so it has a very special place in my heart. A very warm welcome awaited me and as usual the hospitality and catering was superb.

I was extremely pleased with my main winners........beautiful Basset Hounds...a credit to their owner/breeders.  I did find one or two narrow fronts and short underibbing but these hiccups can be sorted out with the right breeding.  Everything else was good and there is such an improvement in eyes...I didn't find any problems there at all.

It is such a credit to the current Basset Hound breeders to have taken the breed off the Category 3 list so the breed no longer has to have the Vet check at Ch. shows.

Many congratulations to you all........

I awarded BEST IN SHOW to Armstrong's LAURALEE CODE RED. Super black blanket male with so much to like, his head is masculine & well shaped with dark eyes, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, tight elbows, good pro-sternum & keel leading into a perfect ribcage that is well carried back which is an example to all, added to that he has a good turn of stifle, short hocks, his length & depth is well proportioned and his overall balance both stacked and on the move is excellent. A superb young dog that I liked immensely.

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW was awarded to Newman's CH.WOFERLOW TINKER BELL. Beautiful broken tri bitch of the type I like, in fact I have given her a CC. She has a lovely head with the most appealing expression, good neck & shoulder placement, tight even front, well ribbed, firm level topline, well bent stifles, she comes alive on the move which is true fore & aft, she maintains a superb outline both stacked & moving, gorgeous girl, full of quality.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW went to Newman & Titley's BUCKADOE TOM COLLINS. Handsome open tri of considerable substance, good head shape, nice expression, liked his front assembly, length and depth, well bent stifles, firm level backline, he was a tad short of underib but he has many other qualities including sound true movement and a balanced outline.


Puppy Dog (2)


2.  Allchorne's NELGUS THYME BOMB.  Attractive tri with lots to like, masculine head of good shape, well furnished with correct ear placement, dark eye, good neck & topline, well boned front with tight elbows, ribbing carried back, he moved well off sound quarters, would have liked a little more width in front.


Junior Dog (1)



Novice Dog (1)



Post Grad Dog (0)


Limit Dog (1)



Open Dog (1)

1.  Beale & Newman's WOFERLOW KANYE WEST. This is another nice black blanket with good overall balance & very sound movement, well chiseled head, dark eye, sound front assembly, good length of ribbing, level topline, he moved with style maintaining a nice outline.  RESERVE BEST DOG.


Puppy Bitch (5)

1.  Beckett's SEDONIA BUBBLE BEE AT BECKSHOUND.  Pretty tri of the type I like, she has a typical head with lovely expression, sufficient wrinkling, excellent front with tight elbows, good feet, good depth & length of body, just a tad short of underib, she moved well off sound hindquarters.  RESERVE BEST PUPPY.

2.  Allchorne's NELGUS CINNAMON SPICE. Litter sister to 2nd in Puppy dog and very similar remarks apply, balanced head with typical expression, good depth & length of body, ribbing carried back, well boned front, I would like a little more width between front legs, she moved happily.


Junior Bitch (1)

1.  Newman's QUANTAS NAPOCA VINTAGE (IMP R)  Sound honest type of bitch, perhaps a tad plain but I liked her type and she is quite sound with a very exhuberant temperament, a little short of underib but a good front assembly & true movement fore & aft.


Novice Bitch (1)

1. Jawaid's BASSJOBASSET GRETAL. This R/W girl has a lovely outline and has a lot going for her, lovely head & expression, good length of neck & back, sound neat front, well ribbed, good hind angulation, one fault may hold her back but otherwise a lovely girl with sound true movement.


Post Grad Bitch (2)

1.  Newman's TANNERON SKYPAW. Attractive red blanket, particularly liked her well constructed front assembly with tight elbows & tight feet, good length to balance, ribbing carried back, level topline, she moved well maintaining a nice outline.

2.  Steers' PHILIPPA OD BEROUNKY AT ROSEZEST (Imp CZE). Good head shape, dark eye giving gentle expression, well ribbed with firm topline, unfortunately she is narrow in front but moves soundly behind with parallel action.


Limit Bitch (4)

1.  Newman & Beales's WOFERLOW PENELOPE.  This tri girl has plenty of scope, liked her balanced head with dark eye & sufficient furnishings, good length & depth with smooth ribcage, excellent pro-sternum, sound forehand, well boned, level topline, good hind angulation, nicely balanced outline which she maintained both stacked & on the move, parallel gait fore & aft. RESERVE BEST BITCH.

2.  Armstrong's LAURALEE OUT OF THE RED.  Another lovely tri with lots to like, preferred hind action of 1 but she has a lovely head & expression, excellent front assembly, tight feet, ribbing carried back, level topline, balanced all through.



Open Bitch (6,3a)


2.  Beckett's WOFERLOW TICKETY BOO AT BECKSHOUNDS.  Litter sister to above and similiar in many ways, not quite the style of her sister but she has a typical head with melting expression, good neck & shoulders, neat front & feet, well ribbed, sound quarters, she moved beautifully maintaining her balanced outline.

3.  Newman's BARAMBAK METIS.


Veteran Dog/Bitch (3)

1.  Allchorne's BRACKENACRE GORGEOUS ShCM.  Lovely old lady that moves and shows like a 2 year old, she has a sound front assembly, good body proportions and a balanced outline, a credit to her owner.  BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.

2.  Grimshaw's FEORLIG BOLT FROM THE BLUE ShCM. Masculine R/W enjoying his day out but giving his handler a hard time! Good reach of neck & length of back, he moved soundly with good hind action.

3.  Davies & Hunt's VALANDEE DARK DANDY.


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