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First, I have to say a very big, ‘Thank You!’ to the Officers and Committee for this very kind invitation.

This breed has such very good memories for me. When I first started showing dogs I went to a ring craft club where the President at that time was a very special lady, Mildred Seaford from whom I learnt so much. Even though things have moved on I still remember what she taught me. She was a lady for whom I had great respect and I am proud to say that I followed in her footsteps and subsequently became President of the club myself.

I enjoyed my day very much and also, I’d like to thank you for my wonderful gift.



JD  (3, 3)

1st MRS C ALLCHORNE. NELGUS THYME BOMB. This 13 month old boy is fit for function. Clean, tidy body of good proportions with excellent bone. I would have liked tighter feet but this will come. Moves very well.











PGD 2, 2)

1st MISS Y.C PEARSON. ARMARDIO ANGEL OF HARLEM BY MALRICH. 20 month old with a super expression. Excellent mouth. Correct feet. Moves very well.


LD (3, 3)

MISS D MELBOURNE & MR P ISTED. KNOCKOGUE BLACKADDER WITH DIHEATH.(IKC) 17 month old. Very good body tones with depth. Good bone and feet. Very good topline and tail set with strong loin. Moves true. BD,RBIS


OD (3, 1 ABS)

1st J MURRAY, R FITZPATRICK & H STORTON. DIHEATH MINT ROYALE. 6 year old red/white. Such a beautiful well set head. Very good front assembly. Nice topline and tail set. Moves very, very well.




MPB (2, 2)

1st MR S ARCHER. ROAMANBAY RED HOT CHILI PEPA. 6 month old, Very typy. Good body. Such a pleasing head with very good leathers. Super bone. Moves OK but very, very nice. BPIS



PB (3, 1 ABS)

1st MR S ARCHER. ROAMANBAY RED HEAD. This delightful girl is litter sister to the winner of the last class. Another quality girl. RBPIS


JB (2, 2)

1st MRS C ALLCHORNE. NELGUS STARANISE. 13 month tri. Nice head proportions. Very good body proportions. Excellent topline and tail set. Moves very good but has flat feet.


PGB (5, 1 ABS)

1st MRS D. J. NEWMAN. QUANTAS NAPOCA VINTAGE (IMP ROM). 2 year old tri. Super for head. Clean eyes. Correct dentation. Good ear set. Well angulated front and rear. Good topline and tail set. Moves true with such a good body.


LB (5, 5)

1st MRS D. J. NEWMAN & MRS N BEALE. WOFERLOW PENELOPE. Well balanced throughout. Good head, eyes and mouth. Excellent front assembly. Very good topline and tail set. Good angles front and rear. Moves well.


OB (6, 6)

1st MR S ARCHER. ROAMANBAY RUSSIAN ABOUT. 3½ year old. Good to do a day’s work. Excellent head proportions. Very good front assembly. Super topline and tail set. Excellent bone. BB and BIS Congratulations!



Veteran D/B (3, 1 ABS)

1st MRS S GRIMSHAW. FEORLIG BOLT FROM THE BLUE. SH.CM 8 years of age, red/white male.

Such a noble head. Excellent leathers. Good head proportions. Very good angulations front and rear.

Moves very well. BVIS

2nd MRS C ALLCHORNE. BRACKENACRE GORGEOUS, SH.CM. Tri girl who did not show her age. This 9 years young girl moved so well. Such a credit to the breed.

(Peter Jolley, Rubio)

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