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The South of England Basset Hound Club Open Show 25th February 2018

I would like to thank the committee of the South of England Basset Hound for kindly inviting me to judge at their Open show. Also, to all the exhibitors for the quality hounds I had the pleasure of going over. Judge: Mrs Sue Danel




Puppy Dog (2)

1st Mrs D Newman’s Woferlow Hans Solo a very smart black blanket. Head developing nicely. Calm expression, lovely dark eye. Ample stop and occiput. Correct bite with deep lip. Low set, soft inward curling leathers. Nice length of neck and well laidback shoulders with a nicely developing sternum, level top line, rounded ribs, good angulation, tight feet. Moved well. A real little showman. (BPIS)


2nd Mr K R & Mrs S.B Jones Qubo Avaleur Du Sabre Met Clanwillow. (IMP BEL) Red and White, Masculine head, scissor bite, eye in keeping with colour and correct shape. Soft curling leathers, good length of neck, good bend of stifle which he uses well. Nicely rounded ribs, Level top line, tight feet. Has all the attributes to mature well.

Junior Dog (1 ABS)


Novice Dog (no entries)


Post Graduate Dog (2)

1st Mrs C Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb. JW.  Black Blanket of good length. Nicely shaped masculine head. Dark eye, deep lip and correct bite.  Fore chest fitted nicely into crook, low set leathers. Laid back shoulder’s, well rounded ribs. Level top line. Moved well.


2nd Mrs D Newman’s Buckadoe Tom Collins. Handsome, open tri, good head planes, dark eye of correct shape. Correct bite. Well set leathers. Arched neck. Well rounded ribs, level top line. Super angulation throughout. Moved with drive.



Limit Dog (2)

1st Mr C Gwyer’s Kortebin Dwarf King. Black blanket. Nicely balanced boy with a lovely masculine head and a pleasing expression.. Domed head with adequate stop. Lozenge shaped dark eye. Correct front and well arched neck. Well rounded ribs of good length. Level top line and correct tail set. Tight feet and well-let down hocks. Moved true.


2nd Mr E & Mrs H Surjan’s, Patrick Od Berounky. Traditional tri with soft expression. Pleasing head, lovely dark eye. Low soft curling leathers. Strong neck, nice shoulder placement, well sprung ribs. Nicely angulated, level topline and correct tail set. Moved nicely.


Open dog (2) (1 ABS)

1st N Beale & Mrs D Newman, Ch Woferlow Kayne West. I have watched this dog from a puppy and he is now in his prime. A lovely boy with lots of substance. Very masculine head, almost parallel planes, level stop, lovely dark eye of lozenge shape, correct bite. Leathers correctly set, soft and curling inwards. Elbows nicely tucked in and well sprung ribs of a good length. Level top line and correct tail set. Well-let down hocks with good angulation. Lots of drive on the move. Beautifully presented and a credit to his owners. (RBIS)



Puppy Bitch (3) (1 ABS)

1st Mr R A & Mrs Zoe Steers, Victori Doll OD Berounky at Rosezest 10 month old, traditional tri. Feminine head, dark lozenge shape eye, correct bite and soft curing leathers. Elbows nicely tucked in. Good length of neck. Well sprung rounded ribcage, Level top line. Tight feet. A little reluctant on the move.


2nd Mr E & Mrs H Surjan, Funny Pack Domino Day. Open tri. Lovely shaped head.     Lozenge shaped dark eyes and a good depth of lip. Long neck leading to a nicely shaped front, good topline and correct rear angulation, Tight feet but would prefer a little less weight


Junior Bitch (2) (1 ABS)

1st Mrs D Newman’s, Sedonia’s Crystal Rose. Red and White compact bitch, very pretty head with a dark eye. Leathers of good length. Long neck and a well-constructed front, nice rounded ribs. Tight elbows and nicely bunched feet. Correct back angulation. Moved sound and free.



Novice Bitch (2)

1st Mr R A & Mrs Zoe Steers Rosezest Sansa Stark Appealing tri. I liked her girly expression. Dark eye. Leathers soft and curling. Good level top line and tail set.


2nd Mr E & Mrs H Surjan, Funny Pack Domino Day. (also, see puppy bitch)


Post Graduate Bitch (3) (1 ABS)

1st Mrs D J Newman, Quantas Napoca Vintage (IMP ROM) Dark tri. Nice feminine head and expression, Dark eyes and correct bite. Curling leathers of correct length. A good reach of neck. Prominent sternum, shoulders well laid back, good ribs, level top line, correct tail set, tight feet, moved with plenty of drive.    


2nd Mrs C Allchorne, Nelgus Cinnamon Spice. Nice feminine head, dark lozenge shaped eye. Correct bite. Good ear set. Well arched neck, level top line, good depth and length of body. Moved well.



Limit Bitch (3) (1 ABS)

1st Ms S C Thexton’s Barrenger Harmony. A stunning red and white bitch which I found hard to fault. Super head. Dark eyes, correct bite. Good stop and soft curling leathers of good length. Long arched neck, shoulders laid back with tight elbows. Excellent front construction. Long well sprung ribs, level top line, and correct tail set. Well-let down hocks and lovely rear angulation. When asked she moved freely with enthusiasm on her tightly knuckled feet.  A pleasure to go over (BIS)


2nd Mr.K.R. & Mrs. S.B. Jones, Switherland Dutch Delight With Clanwillow.




Open Bitch (1)

1st Mrs D Newman, Woferlow Penelope. A very pretty dark tri with pleasing head, dark eyes  and lovey expression. Correct front. Good depth of lip and correct bite. Arched neck, low set soft curling leathers. Level top line, well sprung ribs, correct tail set, and rear angulation. Moved with enthusiasm.


Veteran Dog or Bitch (7) (3 ABS)

1st Mrs C Allchorne,  Brackenacre Gorgeous. 9 year old dark tri of considerable    substance. Domed head, correct bite. Good stop with prominent occiput, leathers well set. Good length to neck. Well laid shoulders. A strong top line and tail set. She moved freely around the ring when asked


 2nd Mrs D J Newman, Woferlow Rock Chick. Black blanket. Another quality girl from this Kennel. A well-built bitch. Lovely head eyes leathers and correct bite. Well-laid shoulders good front, rounded ribs, long level top line nicely angulated throughout good bone and feet, moved with enthusiasm.


3rd Ms S C Thexton, Ch Barrenger Swanchild


Special Members Stakes


1st  N Beale & Mrs D Newman Ch Woferlow Kayne West


2nd  Mr K R & Mrs S.B Jones Qubo Avaleur Du Sabre Met Clanwillow  (Imp Bel)


3rd  Mrs J Grimshaw  Feorlig Bolt from the Blue. SH CM

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