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Critique of The South of England Basset Hound Club Sunday 24 th February 2019

I wish to thank the hard working committee for their hospitality and kindness, a show with a super atmosphere and great venue. Many thanks to the exhibitors for showing under me and for their attitude and sportsmanship in my decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging your quality hounds. I had a lovely entry of 37 dogs making 41 entries.


Special Beginners Dog – no entry

Puppy dog

Junior Dog – no entry


Post Graduate Dog

1st Newman’s Woferlow Hans Solo, 22 month old black blanketed tri, lovely head and expression, dark eye, correct bite, good neck and front with nice tight feet, pleasing shoulder, well sprung ribcage and level topline and well rounded apple bottom, moved well. RBD

2nd Armardio Angel of Harlem by Malrich, 3 year old red and white male, broader head plains than class winner and lighter eye, correct bite, good neck, front and has a nice shoulder, good length of rib, moved well.

Limit Dog

1st Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb, 2year old black blanketed tri , lovely outline ,pleasing head proportions with a dark eye and lovely sweet expression leading into a strong neck and well placed shoulders. He has a prominent sternum, well off for bone but would just prefer tighter feet. He has a well sprung rib reaching well back with level top line and good ground clearance. He has well muscled hind quarters and moved well.

2nd Jones’ Benelux Qubo Avaleur Du Sabre Met Clanwilllow (Imp Bel)JWW18, JW18 a 21 month old red and white , slightly smaller in type to winner. A hound with correct head proportions, lovely dark eye and expression and correct bite. He is well of for bone, had plenty of sternum and nice tight feet with level top line, correct ribbing and well set tail. He moved well .


Open Dog

st Newman’s and Beale’s Ch Woferlow Kanye West a 5 year old black blanketed stallion hound, caught my eye as he walked into the ring for his breed type. He is well balanced and has a good outline shown in excellent condition. He has a beautiful masculine head with lovely dark eye giving a sweet soulful expression, good depth of muzzle, correct ear set and bite. He has a muscular neck leading into well laid back shoulders. He has well sprung ribs and a well angulated rear and adequate ground clearance. He moved with drive and pizazz around the ring having a great rapport with his handler.                                  Best Dog and RBIS

2nd Archer’s Malrich Casino Royale a 6 year old tri dog, lovely head and expression with nice dark eyes, well set leathers, shorter in neck and slightly narrow in front. Well sprung ribs reaching well back, strong hindquarters, adequate ground clearance, moved well.


Special Beginners

1st Jones’ Clanwillow Bright by Design a pretty 10 month old tri baby which caught my eye as she walked into the ring for her breed type. she is well balanced for her age with a beautiful head , dark eye giving a sweet expression , correct bite and ear set leading to a long neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, correct amount of sternum and well knuckled tight fee. A well sprung rib cage reaching well back to well angulated hind quarters and correct under line giving adequate ground clearance. Moved with drive around the ring , I liked her a lot and she should have a bright future. RBP                             2nd Steers’ Victori Doll Od Berounky at Rosezest a 2year old bitch of larger type to winner. A nice head, pleasing eye and expression, good feet and good length and spring of rib, top line slightly raised on move. Well angulated hindquarter, moved well. I preferred the overall type of winner.


Puppy Bitch                                                                                                                                                            1st Archer’s Armardio Chicago Fire in Roamanbay. A beautiful black blanketed tri baby of excellent breed type. Well balanced and full of quality. A beautiful head , with soulful eyes giving a sweet expression, correct bite , well set leathers. A good neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, correct front assembly and well knuckled tight feet. Well sprung ribs which reached well back and well angulated hindquarters. she moved around the ring with drive and presence. She caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring for her quality and breed type. I will watch her career with interest she should have a bright future.  Best Puppy, Best Bitch, BIS                                                                                                                          2nd Jones’ Clanwillow Shining Bright, 10 month old pretty red and white baby, litter sister to RBP, nice typey bitch lovely head and expression with nice dark eye, correct bite. Good length to neck leading to well laid back shoulders, well-constructed front, prominent sternum with good tight feet. A well sprung rib cage which reached well back and a lovely level topline. Good angulation to the rear and moved well.


Junior Bitch

1st Jones’ Clanwillow Bright By Design

2nd Pearson’s Armardio I’m on Fire 7 month old pretty red and white bitch, bigger and heavier type than winner. Beautiful head and expression, correct bite, lovely ear set, correct front assembly with just enough sternum, nice tight feet, excellent ribs and well angulated hind quarters. Lovely level topline. Would have preferred her a little leaner and she just lacked a little energy on the move today.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Archer’s Roamanbay Red Hot Chilli Peppa. A beautiful 21 month old red and white bitch with lots to like. Beautiful outline on the stack, everything in the correct place. Lovely head expression, lovely long neck flowing into clean well laid back shoulders, prominent sternum, nice tight feet, excellent ribcage and well angulated rear. Moved soundly but just wasn’t happy in the ring. An owner’s nightmare, a truly lovely bitch.

2nd Danel’s Wellsbayview Annie Power. 20 month old red and white bitch similar type to winner. Lovely head and expression, well sprung ribs, good angulated rear, moved well, just preferred the front and lay back of shoulder of winner.

Limit Bitch                                                                                                                                                              1st Archer’s Roamanbay Red Head another pretty well balanced red and white 2 year old bitch, litter sister to PG winner. Lots to like about her. She had a lovely head, dark eye and sweet expression., good front and forechest well sprung ribs and well angulated rear, moved well although wasn’t happy in the ring.

2nd Allchorne’s Nelgus Cinnamon Spice a 2 year old bitch , pretty head and expression, dark eye, correct bite, carrying a little weight which made her neck look a little short . Good spring of rib and well angulated rear, moved well. I preferred overall type and balance of winner.


Open Bitch

1st Pearson’s Ch Roamanbay Russia with Love, lovely 4 year old red and white quality bitch. Beautiful head and expression, lovely dark eye, correct ear set, correct scissor bite. Lovely front assembly with prominent sternum and nice tight feet, excellent ribcage which reaches well back and well angulated hind quarters. Moved soundly .                                          2nd Archer’s Roamanbay Russian About. Quality well balanced 4 year old bitch which oozes breed type. Lovely outline on the stack, beautiful head and sweet expression, long flowing neck, good clean well laid back shoulders. Prominent sternum, nice tight feet, super ribs and excellent hind quarters and lovely level topline on the move. Moved well with reach and drive.

Veteran Dog or Bitch 1st Newman’s Ch Woferlow Rock Chick lovely 8 year old black blanketed bitch. Super head and expression, correct scissor bite, good shoulders and excellent well sprung ribs, level topline and well angulated hindquarters, she flew round the ring with reach and drive. RBB                                                                                                      2nd Newman’s Ch Woferlow Tinkerbell another lovely 8 year old tri bitch. Lots to like. beautiful head, dark eye, correct bite, lovely neck and shoulder, nice tight feet, well sprung rib cage and well angulated hindquarters with a nice apple bottom. Moved with drive. Just preferred the overall outline of winner.


Special Member’s Stakes Class

1st Jones’ Benelux Qubo Avaleur Du sabre Met Clanwillow JWW18,JW’18                                                                            2nd Grimshaw’s Feorlig Bolt from the Blue                                                                                                            Special award Champion Dog or Bitch

1st Newman’s and Beale’s CH Woferlow Kanye West

2nd Archer’s Ch Roamanbay Russian About

Judge: Pamela Lennon. 

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